Conference presentations, June 2016

These materials are password protected for the use of conference delegates only.

Day 1: Wednesday 22 June 2016

Presenter Title Slides Video
KN 01 Professor James Nazroo (UK) Ethnic inequalities in severe mental disorders-economic, social and institutional harms KN01.pptx KN01.mp4
KN 02 Professor Dinesh Bhugra (UK) Culture and mental health: Developing transformative practices and service models KN02.pptx KN02.mp4
KN 03 Professor Sarah Salway (UK) What do we mean by transformative services for diverse cultural communities KN03.pptx KN03.mp4
KN 04 Dr Phil Thomas (UK) Community development as a transformational practice in mental health care KN04.pptx KN04.mp4
KN 05 Dr Bhargavi Davar (India) Transforming communities for inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities KN05.pptx KN05.mp4
KN 06 Dr. Manoj Kumar (India) Delivering community mental health in resource-poor settings – combining technology with volunteering KN06.pptx KN06.mp4
KN 07 Ananda Galppatti (Sri Lanka) Adversity and innovation: Insights from work in war and disaster/td>

KN07.pptx KN07.mp4


Day 2: Thursday 23 June 2016

Presenter Title Slides Video
KN 08 Professor Harry Minas (Australia) Mental health and migration research in Australia: Systemic problems and consequences KN08.pptx KN08.mp4
KN 09 Professor Kwame Mckenzie (Canada) Cultural diversity and mental health: The Canadian experience KN09.pptx KN09.mp4
KN 10 Dr Riadh Abed (UK) Culture and ethnicity and mental health care: An evolutionary perspective KN10.pptx Not available
KN 11 Dr Jayasree Kalathil (UK) Black mental health service user/survivor advocacy and activism: Yesterday, today, tomorrow KN11.pptx KN11.mp4
KN 12 Dr. Shanaya Rathod (UK) Cultural Adaptations of Interventions KN12.pptx KN12.mp4
KN 13 Professor Mike Slade (UK) Cultural perspectives and recovery KN13.pptx KN13.mp4
KN 14 Professor Vikram Patel (India/UK) Dialogues between critical psychiatry and global mental health: critiques and commonalities Professor Not available KN14.mp4
KN 15 Professor Panos Vostanis (UK) World Awareness for Children in Trauma: Towards a universal psychosocial model KN15.pptx KN15.mp4
KN 16 Dr Suman Fernando (UK) Ethical and sustainable services for mental health and wellbeing in non-western settings KN16.pptx Not available
KN 17 Professor Roberto Mezzina (Italy) Globalisation and ecological approach – between social determinants and subjectivity: the experience of Trieste KN17.pptx KN17.mp4


Day 3: Friday 24 June 2016

Presenter Title Slides Video
KN 18 Dr Erinfolami Adebayo Rasheed (Nigeria) Culturally sensitive transformative practices & service models in Africa: A Nigerian perspective KN18.pptx Not available
KN 19 Professor Santosh Chaturvedi (India) Joys and tribulations in dealing with socio-cultural diversities in mental health practice in India KN19.pptx KN19.mp4
KN 20 Dr Peter Hughes (UK) Global volunteering in Mental health Not available KN20.mp4
KN 21 Dr Naaheed Mukudam (UK) Encouraging Access to South Asians for a timely dementia diagnosis KN21.pptx Not available
KN 22 Dr. Hari Subramaniam (UK) Dementia Care for diverse cultural communities Not available KN22.mp4
KN 23 Olga Runciman (Denmark) Understanding Extreme States through the language of post psychiatry Not available KN23.mp4
KN 24 Dr Albert Persaud (UK) Human Rights, mental health and human dignity KN24.pptx Not available
KN 25 Professor Raghu Raghavan (UK) Imagining culturally competent mental health care KN25.pptx KN25.mp4
KN 26 Professor Shashi Shashidharan (UK) Ten years of NOT Delivering Race Equality in Mental Health in England- Where do we go from here? KN26.pptx KN26.mp4